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Cividale del Friuli
November 26th – 28th 2015


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best resolutions

Here you can find the best resolutions discussed last November during our conference, 


Honourable Secretary General, esteemed Presidents and Chairs, distinguished Delegates, dear friends,

hard times seem to be in front of us.

Every day we hear terrible news: hate and violence seem to be everywhere; rage and discrimination raise

as reaction. The world itself seems to be ready to explode.

But we must remember that bad news appear to be the most interesting to the public opinion; good news

pass on unobserved.

You have been here for the last 3 days; look in front of you, look besides you: there are friends of different

culture, traditions, religions and you worked with them, you got to know them, you cooperated with them

to do something to solve some of the most important problems of the world, in part seriously and in part

joking, of course.

You tried to face hate with friendship, violence with peace, rage with discussion.

Let your behaviour be of example to others, go home and tell someone else that this is possible.

Convince even only one to give up hate and you can make the difference.

You are a drop, but joined together the drops are an ocean.

Be the vehicle of peace, the world needs and is worth your effort.

We and all your teachers will be proud of you. Our work will not be in vain.

Remember: when we look at you we do not only see young girls, boys, students of today but the peace

keepers of tomorrow.

Thank You,

Mr Alberto Zampar,

MUN Director.