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Cividale del Friuli
November 26th – 28th 2015


Dear MUN-Directors and Delegates, 

Preparing CFMUNESCO 2014 was no easy task. We had months of hard work and preparation that led to a big success which went far beyond our expectations. With 165 students from 24 educative institutions coming from 11 countries around the world, the first CFMUNESCO is a proof that our organization worked really well. On the push of thefirst edition the Organization Staff met again. We gathered opinions and critics on the event, wishing to know what went right and what wrong. It was clear to all of us that the meeting was not only the last of the closed edition, but the first step towards the new CFMUNESCO 2015.

We met again a month later. That was the first, official meeting of the new team. There was most of the old staff as well as a lot of new faces wishing to give a contribution to the success of the second conference. We decided unanimously to keep the first edition’s main theme valid for our new adventure. The motto “To protect and preserve” will lead us again during the days of the conference. We think that it can cover so many issues and topics and that it is so globally relevant, that it would be a good idea to keep this theme for another year. 

In a year few issues have been solved in the global scenario. The protection and the preservation of the values that the United Nations want to spread, such as Freedom, Human Rights and Democracy, are essential in our agenda. The Millennium Goals’ deadline falls this year but we, the Humanity, have not accomplished a single one of these achievements. We, the new generations, must work hard to accomplish all the Millennium Goals in the future decades. Models United Nations have an objective: putting students in contact with the world of the international diplomacy and the United Nations. 

In this new CFMUNESCO we will debate all the major questions that afflict our world, trying not to leave anyone behind. That is why I would like to close this letter with a quotation by the former Secretary General, Gabriele Qualla: Nothing and nobody deserves to be forgotten.” 

We all are looking forward to seeing you in November in our beautiful town. We really hope to see all of the former delegates as well as a lot of new, enthusiastic and brave students.

Matteo Ferluga
Secretary General